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is what Tunmun has become.
“Ba babub” “Dayedaye” “Nananah” “MammmMammm”
Yup. She can make all these sounds. That’s a lot of vocabulary for a 6 months minus 10 days old. And mind you, you are supposed to respond back. She loves it especially if you talk back to her in her own language. So, in between those sounds, comes the gurguling laughter. Aaah .. the joys of motherhood.
Tunmun wants conversations. When she’s in a playful mood and is blabbering away, I often take the opportunity to do my own stuff. But as soon as I turn away, the blabber turns into crying. “Look at me Momeee. I am talking to you!” The only time I can turn away from her is when she is napping (which lasts full 15 minutes).Aaah .. the joys of motherhood.
So, that’s my roly poly gullu pullu cutooo chatterbox. At full 6 months minus 10 days. Who talks and is almost sitting up. But rolling over? Naaah.. too much effort. She’d rather just talk.


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Vibhu – “Venky, tell me a lie”
Venky (almost immideately) – “Papa, I don’t suck thumb”

Venky – “Papa, where are you going?”
Vibhu – “How do you know I am going out?”
Venky – “Papa, you are wearing jeans” (Vibhu is normally in Pajjus at home)

Venky – “Mommy, do you know what Tunmun has in her mouth?”
I (panicking) – “What?”
Venky – “Rasgollas” (That’s Tunmun’s chubby cheeks)
I – “And what do you have?”
Venky – “Butter!”

Since my Sleepyhead is not so sleepy anymore and is giving me a hard time napping and waking up many times at night. I am going to anti jinx her sleep pattern by changing the blog name. What is it going to be now – well, its there for you