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1. Tunmun’s Annaprashan – Madame decided to poop right when the pooja was about to begin. And while she was at it, she emptied her whole stomach. Result? Poop leaked out of diaper and went all the way up till her back soiling her beautiful new clothes. So, right before pooja, we had to clean her meticulously. Give her a bath again. And wash her soiled clothes

2. Tunmun’s Rollover – Madame is 5 months now. No signs of rolling over. She would rather just lie still and talk – already saying “da-da” now. And by the way, she gets bored if left alone and gets cranky. You are expected to talk back to her. Madame likes discussions even though she is quite opinionated!

3. Venky’s mood – is going great. After a hard monsoon which had left him sick, Venky’s temprament had taken a serious hit. He had gotten short tempered and cranky. So much, that we had started worrying if it had become his nature. But now, my rock star is back. That’s my loving, caring and responsible boy!

4. My office – I joined back. Half time. So far, its going good. I don’t have to be away from Tunmun for too long and it gives me my much desired break 🙂

The other day, Venky cuddled up to me in the morning and held my had half asleep. After a while, I felt his hand missing. I my slumber I tried to search for his hand. Venky realized this and held my hand again. Role reversal is happening already 🙂

Author: MoRS

Memoirs of my mommyhood

One thought on “Mostly Updates

  1. good to hear what uve been upto..cant bel she is 5m old some pics 🙂

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