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And now I become a metric


The parting words from my gynac after 6 week checkup were “Now go on, lose that weight”. Yeah, I gained and gained during pregnancy and shedding seems no where in sight. The only exercise is taking the baby out on a stroller in the evening (which happened 2 times in the last two weeks thanks to the rainy rainy monsoon).

The whole Hyderabad has ongoing sales and I so want to buy new clothes. But what size should I buy? The one that I currently am or the one I hope to be in the next one year. Time and again I lament my lost shape and Vibhu gives me a patient ear and pep up speech “Its only been 3 months and you are feeding. You’ll be back to pre pregnancy weight in an year. If anything you look good.”

So, while I keep wondering about my weight .. just how fat am I? Should I trust the scales or the husband? We took Venky to see Ganesha idols across the city.  We saw some small ones and some big ones. Finally we landed on an idol which seemed the largest of all but was not clearly visible. Vibhu took Venky for a closer look at the idol while I waited in the car with Tunmun. When Venky came back, he was super excited and said “Mommeee.. the idol was soooo BIG, tumse bhi jayada huge tha“.

Well, I HAVE to lose this flab now!

Author: MoRS

Memoirs of my mommyhood

5 thoughts on “And now I become a metric

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