My little rock stars

Memoirs of my mommyhood


Traffic Rules

Vibhu and Venky were driving to his school. The road was fairly empty. They pass through a traffic signal.

Venky – “Papa, was the light green or red?”

Vibhu (irritated that Venky still does not know his colors) – “Don’t you know colors yet? It was red!”

Venky – “Papa, then why did you not stop?”

Next time we were driving through an empty signal and the light was red, Vibhu applied the brakes right on time.



I was waiting for Venky to learn to color, for that is one activity that can keep kids sitting and busy. That time has come. Venky is now on his 2nd Jumbo coloring book. Like all kids, he loves coloring. Finally he’s found one activity that he can enjoy that can keep him in one place. But there is a catch. I should color with him! While he is coloring one page of the book, I should color the other! So much for my wishful thinking for peaceful FREE time!

So, here I am. Coloring pages after pages. Much to my surprise, I enjoy it just as I used to when I was a kid myself. Its true that kids color your life – literally! 🙂


Baby Breath

After the feeds, I hold you propped up on my shoulders for five minutes, waiting for you to burp. Your face is so close to mine, barely inches away. I keep staring at you for I have never seen something so pretty. I revel in your baby scent for I have never known a smell so sweet. That moment is solely and completely mine. Those five minutes after every feed, they make the nausea, the labor, the sleepless nights, oh, so worth it!