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Memoirs of my mommyhood

The Night Owl


is what Tunmun has become. For the past week she has been sleeping like a log during the day and been up all night. This has resulted into Vibhu and Venky shifting into another room so that Venky can be up in the morning to go to the school and me struggling with her alone till the wee hours of the morning. Sigh .. the joys of parenthood !

And Miss T, I am the one who rocks you throught the night, but you chose to give your first smile to Big B. That is fine. But that you smile ONLY at him is JUST NOT FAIR! I deserve at least that much for .. well, I don’t want to cite the old hindi movie dialog “maine nau maheene tumhe apne kokh mein pala hai.”, but heck, that’s true! I’ve worked the hardest. Now c’mon, give me that heart melting smile of yours!

And please, please, please start sleeping during the nights again.

Author: MoRS

Memoirs of my mommyhood

5 thoughts on “The Night Owl

  1. OMG!!Congratsssssss..on the arrival of little princess..sorry I am late! subscribing u in email now..WP doesnt prompt and so i miss so many new posts.
    Psst:Pass me some baby dust!

  2. @Trish – Baby dust … hmmm. You know what, it is really amnesia that makes you want a 2nd baby šŸ˜€ The baby dust is all yours. BTW, does having a baby qualify me for one of your little birdies?

  3. good luck SS šŸ™‚ hope T obliges soon


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