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Chuha Billi ki kahani

Vibhu – “Venky, billi ko english mein kya bolte hai?”
Venky – “TOM”.

No points for guessing what is chuha called in english.

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The Realization of SELF

I have heard that babies initially think that they are just an extension of their parents. Mother mostly. As they grow older they learn that they are independent entities – that is called the “realization of self”. It manifests itself in the form of ego.

Venky as a toddler has put me to shame many times through his selfless acts. I have blogged about it here and here. He has taught me the most important lessons of my life. To forgive. To demostrate love. That a hug can take the whole stress away.

Venky is 3 now. He is slowly changing. We can see that he is developing an ego. Its harder for him to say sorry.  If we schold him he sulks and walks away (as against coming and hugging us and saying sorry). Sometimes he shouts back. Its harder to pacify him when he sulks. Hugs and I love yous don’t work easily anymore.

Today Venky was throwing a tantrum after bath. I asked him why he was angry. He said “Because papa is angry. I will not get ready till he remains upset.” I told him that it was not the way to pacify someone who was angry and that he should go and hug papa and say sorry. Venky did go and hug Vibhu after that but did not say sorry.

Sigh. I have teach him now what he taught me. That love and affection should be prioritized above ego. That forgiving and letting go  makes a person happier than holding grudges. Its going to be a tough task ( aren’t men all about their egos?). Hopefully he’ll be able to learn some of the values that he demontrated in his toddler avataar from me.  That is, till his own toddler teaches him those!

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Tunmun takes after her dad. She is a sleepyhead. Anytime, anywhere – bam! They can sleep. When she is not sleeping, she is feeding. Its amazing that genes show up at such an young age 😉

Jokes apart, fatherhood for Vibhu is incredibly easy this time around. I had an easy pregnancy. The delivery was normal too and Vibhu was not a bundle of nerves like last time. In fact he was totally chilled. We already had all the baby supplies from Venky’s time. So, no running around either. And oh! she’s letting us sleep!! Venky was such a horrible sleeper that Vibhu wanted to stick to having a single child. Oh, God! I realize that I am alredy comparing my two kids!!!

Motherhood is a lot easier too. I guess right expectations and experience helps. And like I said, she’s letting us sleep (BIG KALA TIKA). Post natal recovery has been great. Vibhu was so impressed with my high spirits that he gave me a surprise gift. A diamond ring!! 🙂

Venky is being extremely cooperative. It’s great to see his natural affection for his sibling. He comes in an coos “Hi chotu baby”, “Hi choti behna” once in a while in the midst of his play and gently strokes her hair and/or kisses her feet (we’ve told him that small babies can be kissed only on the feet).

The other day, some of our friends came over to see the baby. Their son who is Venky’s age, touched Tunmun’s cheeks. Venky was quick to tell him – “Don’t disturb her, she is sleeping”. Big bro keeping bad guys away from little sister!! She’ll have a hard time as a teenager 🙂