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Memoirs of my mommyhood


First Reactions

May 23, 2010. I am in labor. Everyone is in the hospital. Venky is at home with the nanny.

12.18 pm. The little one arrives. Grandpa calls up at home to let Venky know.

Grandpa – “Venky, you have a little sister!”

Venky – “Haila! Now who will play cricket with me!?!”

Venky later asked me when his brother was going to come. Fresh from the memory of labor I folded my hands and asked him to spare me.

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The empty nest syndrome

Although it’s a little early for the syndrome to hit us, we had a taste of it last night. We have been asking Venky to sleep with his grandparents for sometime now so that when the new baby arrives, he does not get disturbed at nights. Venky has been resisting it all this while.

After the arrival of his grandparents during this summer vacation, Venky is slowly warming up to the idea (thanks to the treats being promised to him if he does so). For the last one week, Venky has been promising his grandparents that he will sleep with them, but he does a flip flop once its bed time and sleeps with us. Yesterday, he took it one step further and said that he will finish his milk and story telling session with us and then join his grandparents to sleep with them. Well… we had no hopes that he will keep his promise.

So, Venky finished his milk as I read out two books to him and while I was on the third. He promptly snatched the book from my hands and kept it back – “We will finish the story tomorrow. Dadu is waiting for me!”

We were taken aback. One, he never lets a story go unfinished and two, he was actually going over to sleep with Dadu and Dadi. Before we could recover, Venky had already run away to their room. When I got up to switch the lights off, Vibhu said – “Don’t lock the door. Venky will return soon.” I too, had no doubts that he will.

We waited and waited and waited. No sign of Venky. Vibhu said – “I do not like sleeping without him.” I  gave him a lecture on being pragmatic and “letting go!”, but I was feeling pretty much the same – almost like being betrayed. How could he not come back?!

I wondered if we were going to turn into nagging, possesive, interfering parents once he grows up, who go into depression once their kids leave home (empty nest syndrome). Once again it made me glad that we decided to have another baby. Hopefully, it will take the attention off Venky and give him some breathing space.

An hour later, Vibhu was asleep and I was about to doze off when the bedroom door opened with a bang and Venky walked in. He climbed up onto our bed and snuggled into my arms. What a lovely feeling it was! “Why did you come back Venky?” I asked.
“I did not like it without you.”, he replied.

Vibhu woke up too. The way they hugged and cuddled, you’d think they’ve met after years! 🙂
Venky then climbed on to his bed and slept and we slept with a smile too. Today is another day and we will try to convince Venky (and ourselves) to sleep with his grandparents again 🙂


The beauty or the beast?

No points for guessing what Venky prefers.

Vibhu, MIL and I are discussing  the possible names for the forthcoming baby. Name options for both the boy and the girl are suggested and rejected. No concensus is being reached. Venky is getting impatient, he wants us to read him a story book.

Vibhu to his mom – “Suggest some names of Durga. SS likes Durga”

Venky – “I like Mahishasur!”

If only he could name his sibling! 🙂

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