My little rock stars

Memoirs of my mommyhood

Venky the Menace

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Mommy went shopping and bought expensive cosmetics.Once back, she put the shopping bag on the dining table and went into the bedroom to do something. Venky promptly examined its contents and then came smiling and hiding his hands behind his back. Mommy examined Venky’s hands which smelt GOOD. Venky proudly said “Let me show you”. Mommy panicked. She got visions of her Shehnaz Hussain creme’s bottle shattered into pieces. Venky proudly showed how he had spread her hair conditioner all over the floor. The Shehnaz Hussain creme had been attempted to be opened but thankfully they pack it well. Mommy was just glad that her creme has been saved.


Mommy shouted at Venky for cleaning up his scattered toys. Venky cried (but he cleaned up the mess). Papa felt bad for the “small baby”. Papa took Venky in his arms and sweet talked him. Venky pulled Papa’s new Reebok T Shirt and blew his nose into it.


Dadi left her dupatta on the bed while she was having her lunch. Venky finished his lunch and en-route to the washroom spotted the dupatta. He promptly picked it up and flushed it in the loo! Thankfully one corner of the dupatta was visible and it was pulled out, else we would have had a broken bathroom.

Author: MoRS

Memoirs of my mommyhood

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