My little rock stars

Memoirs of my mommyhood


3 years

And where did they go? Three years ago, at this time I was such an overwhelmed mommy. Two hour feed cycle, nappy changing,  the burp sessions -how badly I wanted to run away. But before I could make up my mind on that, you grew up!

And now you little man, you are even helping me around the house. You willingly carry the load for me – to the washing machine, out of the car, up the stairs. Most of the times the load seems a bit much for your size but you do it easily. And your dad tells me  “he’s a boy!”

Indeed you are! You play only cricket and football. You know when a ball is a spin or bouncer or wide. You know when you get LBW. You have never been even remotely interested in the soft toys. You started riding a cycle before you were one and broke your first cycle when you were 1.25. From then on, we only got you cycles that were made of steel. 3 years have seen 3 cycles. The latest one being a bicycle which you drive easily.

Its so tough to make you sit. Thankfully, you do like being read stories. So, whenever mommy wants to make you sit, she can read you one. Poor dad cannot even do that. Being with dad for you means jumping all over him. Climbing on him and treating him like a horse. God! Seeing you two play makes me tired!

You are amazingly sharing. And that is something that we have not made any effort to teach you. You are ready to share even the tiniest bit of your choclates. Including your favorite ones. I have already blogged about how you are ready to give away your stuff to your expected sibling.

I can go on and on. How you give a logical answer to every question. How you behave responsibly when you understand the gravity of the situation (like someone is hurt). How tolerant you are and that you have never cried while vaccination or while giving blood samples such that even the doctors are amazed. Even in sickness and pain you cooperate in taking treatment and medicines. You excude independence and pretty much bathe, dress and do your potty yourself. You never like assistance and get annoyed when it is forced upon you.

My baby is growing into a big boy way too fast. Before I became a mother I never wanted to have kids. You showed me a whole new beautiful world. The sheer happiness quotient of my life has increased many folds. The moment I meet you, all my stress is gone! Thanks to all your stories and witty answers I have a hearty laugh multiple times a day. Your dad says I’ve taken a 180 degrees turn. So much so that I changed my mind about having only one kid and now your sibling is all set to arrive!

Happy 3rd Venkoo. Looking forward to many more happy and fun filled times with you. And don’t grow up so fast! 🙂


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Venky the Menace

Mommy went shopping and bought expensive cosmetics.Once back, she put the shopping bag on the dining table and went into the bedroom to do something. Venky promptly examined its contents and then came smiling and hiding his hands behind his back. Mommy examined Venky’s hands which smelt GOOD. Venky proudly said “Let me show you”. Mommy panicked. She got visions of her Shehnaz Hussain creme’s bottle shattered into pieces. Venky proudly showed how he had spread her hair conditioner all over the floor. The Shehnaz Hussain creme had been attempted to be opened but thankfully they pack it well. Mommy was just glad that her creme has been saved.


Mommy shouted at Venky for cleaning up his scattered toys. Venky cried (but he cleaned up the mess). Papa felt bad for the “small baby”. Papa took Venky in his arms and sweet talked him. Venky pulled Papa’s new Reebok T Shirt and blew his nose into it.


Dadi left her dupatta on the bed while she was having her lunch. Venky finished his lunch and en-route to the washroom spotted the dupatta. He promptly picked it up and flushed it in the loo! Thankfully one corner of the dupatta was visible and it was pulled out, else we would have had a broken bathroom.