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Memoirs of my mommyhood

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An Obvious Answer

I have to write the conversation in this post in hindi, else it will miss the impact

Hyderabad is getting hotter everyday. With temperatures soaring, we have been taking a quick bath right before bed time to cool ourselves. So, this is the conversation that happened yesterday between Vibhu and Venky

Vibhu – “Venky, nahaoge?”

Venky – “Haan.”

Vibhu decides to tease Venky a bit – “Chodo na! Kya karoge naha ke?”

Venky (matter of factly) – “Pochenge.”

We laughed for full 10 minutes 🙂


The Big B

Venky is already one. In mind that is. He has to wait till June to be Big B for real. Yup guys, there’s “good news”. Venky will have a sibling come June 🙂

We started “preparing” Venky as soon as we learnt that I had concieved. Venky took the “news” like, well…. a “news”. ‘You are going to have another baby. Fine. Big deal !” No, that was not what he said. That is what his attitude was.

Now, Venky has pretty much internalized the fact that he is going to be a big brother. He thinks that my huge tummy is going to burst open like a baloon from my naval and the baby is going to jump out.

Venky – “Mommy. My slippers have become small. You can keep them for the small baby. Buy me a new pair.”

He made us buy him a new pair. When we got home, Venky brought a plastic bag, kept his old slippers neatly into it and put it nicely into the shelf that is now designated for the new baby.

Oh, my non-possesive, sharing little rock star is ready to give all his stuff to the new baby. Only, he wants the new replacements! 🙂

Venky’s toy bucket was overflowing. So, one weekend I sat down to sort out the stuff he was not playing with. Venky wanted to know what I was doing with his toys. I told him that I was keeping away the toys he does not play with for the small baby. Venky jumped in to help, and even gave away those toys that he still plays with. I was impressed, but I am still skeptical about his “sharing” attitude once he faces the reality. Lets see…

Me – “Venky what will you teach the small baby?”

Venky – “I willl teach him to brush his/her teeth. To drink milk from sippy cup. To eat on his/her own (Venky still has to do that BTW)…”

Me – “You keep an eye on him/her, okey? When you take him/her to the park, make sure s/he plays safely. If s/he is naughty, schold him/her and let mommy know. Don’t let him/her go on the slide (Slide is banned for Venky also). “

Venky – “OK. But I can take him/her on my lap and hold him/her and slide slowly. Then it should be okey. Right?”

I loved the picture of togetherness Venky painted for me. That is exactly why I am having another baby. The answer to Venky question had to be an “Yes.” My smartie thereby extracted the premission to get on the slide 🙂

I get the feeling that Venky will be a responsible, protective big brother. If its a sister for him, I am sure he will irritate her big time with his “protectiveness” during teenage. Good for me as a parent. I can just watch from the sidelines and grin 🙂 Its like my job getting done without me having to do it.

If its a brother, he is sure to get a lot of hand me downs (I am already feeling sorry for the poor guy).  I can see a lot of broken stuff in my house. The brats jumping all over the house. Me shouting 24*7 and going insane.

Either ways, I kinda like the feeling of being a mom of TWO 🙂