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Pigs can fly too.


As kids we used to often play this game called “Chidiya Ud”. Essentially, two or more people should have their one finger on the table. One of the players is supposed to call out
“Chidiya Ud”  (Bird fly)
“Tota Ud”      (Parrot fly)

The other players are supposed to lift their fingers up in air in response. If the caller says something like
“Table Ud” (Table fly) – meaning an object which basically cannot fly, then the other players are not supposed to lift their fingers. If a player ends up lifting his/her finger, then s/he gets out and has to face punishment.

We recently taught this game to Venky. Its a handy game to keep the kids busy if you have to make them sit at a place without any props. One day, Venky and his dad were playing this game. Vibhu was calling out.
“Tota Ud”
“Kabootar Ud”

Venky’s finger kept going up in the air.

“Snail Ud”

Venky lifted his finger again.

“Out, out! Venky is out. You lifted your finger. Snail does not fly.” Shouted Vibhu.

Venky thought for a while. He then looked at me and asked.

“Mommy. Can the snail not fly if it goes on the aeroplane?”

I arbitrated and Venky stayed on in the game. How could I beat that logic? 🙂

Author: MoRS

Memoirs of my mommyhood

3 thoughts on “Pigs can fly too.

  1. yes, snails do indeed fly,, and so do the tables 🙂

  2. i keep saying venky is smart but he's not – he's VERY smart, lol!

    -bubbles mom

  3. @Clipped – Yes, everything can fly now 😀

    @BM – 🙂 Yes, too smart for us to handle !

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