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I’ve introduced Venky to alphabets. Although his pre school which follows montessory style does not recommend it, I thought it was time. We are going to put him into a regular school starting June. Since Venky got admitted in PP1, I am worried that he should be at par with the rest of the class. So, I have started with standing line, sleeping line and simple letters like T, O, H etc.

Through Venky, I am learning that ability to read and write opens a whole new world to you. A world which was there right in front of you and you did not know that it existed. Its a complete new found power. A couple of days after we introduced Venky to the basic letters, we were driving on the road. Suddenly, Venky started shouting “T, T, T Mommmy TEeeee” with so much of excitement. I realized that he had identified the letter ‘T’ on a hoarding. He had suddenly discovered the meaning of something he had been seeing everyday.

From then on, everytime we are on road, we are identifying T, O, H, L, Q and the matrix is expanding. The excitement in Venky’s voice when he spots a letter is palpable. And we cannot help being proud parents.

The other day, Vibhu bought a cricket set for Venky (he believes that if Venky starts early, he can be the future Sachin T). Before teaching Venky the game itself,  Vibhu decided to teach Venky the terminologies of the game.
“This is called a bat”
“This is the ball”
The Vibhu pointed to the stumps and said
“Do you know what is this?”

“Yes, Standing line. One, two, three standing lines!”

Venky then pointed to the bails and continued

“And this is a sleeping line!”

Heh. heh. Vibhu had his head in his hands but I was grinning ear to ear!

Author: MoRS

Memoirs of my mommyhood

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