My little rock stars

Memoirs of my mommyhood

Its a battleground


The game is on. Vibhu and me on one side and Venky on the other. And more often than not, the ball is in our court. After being duped and tricked, now we are being manipulated. Till now we have been able to save ourselves from the devil’s traps (or so we think) but the day is not far when we helpless souls will be taken for a many rides.

You guys think I am panicking unnecessarily? And that my son is just a 2.5 year old innocent little kid? Well, listen to this story then… (you asked for it ;-)! )

Venky has to recite “Papa Chalisa” before he can get any favors from Vibhu. Now what is “Papa Chalisa”? Lets say Venky wants a chocolate.

Venky – “Mommy, I want a chocolate.”
 Mommy – “Only one chocolate a day. You have had one today already!”

Venky knows now that Papa is his only hope

Venky – “Papa. I want one chocolate.”
Papa – “What will you have to do for that.”
Venky – “Papa, you are so nice. You love me so much. You make me cozy  and put me to sleep. You take me in your arms and feed me milk. You let me splash-splash water and bathe me. You take me out in the car. You also give me chocolates. I love youuuu papaaaaa.”

This is followed by a hug and Venky gets a chocolate. Poor mom can only glare at the dad.

So, the other day we were planning to go out somewhere.

Venky – “Papa, I want to go out too.”
Papa – “What will you have to do for that?”
Venky – “Papa you are so nice. You love me so much. You put me on the fornt seat of the car and take me out …..”

Like all the kids in the world, Venky is never allowed on the front seat. He is always belted in the rear seat. And like all the kids in the world he want to sit in the front of the car. Vibhu and I could only look at each other and shake our heads! Needless to say “Papa Chalisa” was followed by a tantrum to sit on the front seat.

Now what do you guys have to say? Little kid, eh? Should I run away before its too late?

Author: MoRS

Memoirs of my mommyhood

2 thoughts on “Its a battleground

  1. Hahahahaha..this generation is soo smart..they know,which side of the brad to butter up!

  2. Ya Trish. We are at our wits end 🙂

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