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Its tough to match up


to the next generation. Only 2 years into the world and Venky is already teaching me that. And he is making me feel really dumb. Alright Mr. Darwin. You win. Evolution wins. GenX is smarter. Almost always.

We went grocery shopping with Venky. One of those Relaince fresh kind of stores. You know how they are. Hardly any spces between the aisles. Lots of people. Overflowing stock of goods.

Venky decided he was not going to behave himself. And while we were standing in long long queue waiting to check out, he kept picking up stuff and pushing stuff off the shelves. Finally Vibhu had to take him out and I had to wait alone to pay up.

Next stop was the Fruit/Veggie shop. We decided to teach Venky a lesson. So, only Vibhu got off the car while Venky and I stayed inside. Venky was told he cannot go to the shop as he does not behave himself. Now, Venky does not like not being taken to the shops so he cried. Softly and loudly. Pleaded I’ll-behave-myself-I-promise.

Once Venky realised that there was no go, he sat quietly. I felt quite sorry for him as he watched his dad pick up the veggies from a distance with longing. However, I was determined to finish the punishment. Moments passed. Vibhu was in the check out queue now.

Venky – “I want to pee”

I – “After a while. Let papa come.”

Venky – “I want to pee now.”

I – “Can you not hold on for sometime?”

Venky did not answer and I thought it was not urgent enough and decided to ignore his request. But after 2 minutes he made the request to pee again. This time around I felt it was urgent.

I went in and took Vibhu’s place in the check out queue and sent him to help Venky. Soon, they were back in the shop. Venky jumped around excitedly and Vibhu reported that Venky hardly pee-ed a few drops. Threre was no urgency and we had been fooled into taking him out of the car. Venky made a request that he knew would not be denied.

I am dreading teenage already.

Author: MoRS

Memoirs of my mommyhood

2 thoughts on “Its tough to match up

  1. hahaha.. He is a smart one.
    Mine uses but I am hungry mama when he is sent to his room for misbehaving. I dont know whats going to happen in the teen years

  2. @ sraikh – Long time! I've been reading your blog regularly but not been commenting so much. I guess its just a phase of blog lazyness. Gosh! and with 4 teenagers I don't know how you'll manage !

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