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Leading Questions


We usually drop Venky to his pre school on our way to office. One of us picks him up at 12.00 pm and drops him back home. His nanny takes care of him till we come back from office. When I/Vibhu are dropping Venky back, he is keen on keeping that parent with him at home. We usually tell him that the other parent is in office and needs to be picked up. This convinces him and he lets us go without a fuss.

One day, only Vibhu dropped Venky to school and I went a little late to office by the other car. Vibhu was the one who picked him up too. This is how the conversation went

Venky – “Has mommy gone to the office?”
Vibhu – “Yes”
Venky – “How did she go to the office?” (Since I did not accompany them in the morning)
Vibhu – “I came back and picked her up.” (Vibhu had sensed the purpose behind this question)

Venky switches to other topics and they arrive home. Venky notices that the other car is not there.
Venky – “Where is the other car?”
Vibhu (in his gullible self) – “Mommy has taken it to the office.”
Venky – “So she can come back herself!!! You can stay with me!!! 🙂 “

We get a lot of such questions now – which have “purpose” behind them. Its becoming more and more difficult to bluff him and we are becoming easy targets 😦

Author: MoRS

Memoirs of my mommyhood

3 thoughts on “Leading Questions

  1. hehe, he is smart!
    im able to now understand why our next generation is way ahead of us…and how they will put us in tricky situations like this 🙂

  2. Hehe kids are getting very smart these days!!

  3. @BM & MM – Yeah, every next generation is better evolved but the older one keeps thinking they know better 🙂

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