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School school


As a kid I envied all the adults. They did not get homeworks. Their work was over as soon as they left office. While we, the kids had to spend the evenings and most of the weekend doing homeworks.
But the ordeal is far from over.

This is what Venky’s diary read on Friday, 14th of Aug
” 15th August is our independence day and we have been trying to teach its significance to Venkatesh. Please make sure you show him the flag hoisting and the independence day parade to Venkatesh and send us 3 pictures of him pariticipating in the independence day clelebrations. We will use the pictures for a show and tell session with all the children. Please make sure that the pictures reach us by Monday.”

“What the …… DAMN!” These were exactly my thoughts when I read the note. This was a rather difficult assignment.

First, 15th Aug was a Saturday. That’s supposed to be my wake-up-when-I-feel-like day. Since most of the flag hoistings happen by 8 am, that means not only I have to wake up early, I have to wake up EARLIER that I do on weekdays. Isn’t it torture to make my sleep deprived self do that?

Second, show him the parade!!!! Where ? WHERE? TV is banned by the school (Yes, we watch TV only when Venky is sleeping). There are no parade’s happening anywhere within the 10 km radius of my house. So, exactly where?

Third, the pics have to be sent on monday. Helloooo??? Saturday was 15th Aug so most of the shops would be closed. And sunday being sunday, most of the shops would be closed. So how do we get the prints in time?

Shucks! My worst school teacher was more considerate than this.

We toyed with the idea of NOT doing the homework. Then gave it up. I wouldn’t be able to stand you-didn’t-do-the-homework looks and polite inquiries from Venky’s teacher and more importantly, we couldn’t have let Venky feel left out in the show and tell session they were having.

So we woke up early on the Saturday, found an intitution where flag hoisting and parade was being done. Tooks digital pics. Seleted the best 3. Then ran around for rest 1.5 days to find an open studio which would do the digital printing. By Sunday evening, we had our copies and Venky took them proudly to the school on Monday.

The pics came out rather well. Here’s one for you to see

Okey, I admit I am showing off. But the homework was hard work.

Author: MoRS

Memoirs of my mommyhood

5 thoughts on “School school

  1. hey venky looks like a very cute mischevious boy! nice to see him properly…

    looks like we are always experiencing “grass is greener on the other side” kinda syndrome…
    that teaches me to now enjoy what i have 😉

    thanks for ur comment..replied to u there!

  2. Hehe poor you! Homework for adults, that too on a saturday.

    But hey, you did a good job! 😀
    Venky looks cho cute!

  3. @B's Mom – Grass is definately greener on the other side. I feel the days when Venky was not running around were so much easier.

    @Miss M – Saturday AND Sunday! Thanks for the encouragement 🙂

  4. woww thats a nice picture:)Venky looks very cute

  5. @ Trish – I'm glad the project came out well 🙂

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