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What does it take to love …


We have often heard about “Ma ki mamta” – A mother’s love is unquestioned and unchallenged in our society. It is supposed to be the epitome of affection. But now I find myself questioning it. Again. Every time I challenge Venky, he proves he loves me more than I can ever love him. He always puts me before himself. And he did it yet again.

Last Saturday, Vibhu had to pick up something from the office. He decided to take Venky along as he loves going to our office and running around the water fountain there. Once Venky was informed that he was being taken to the office, he got really excited. He hurried up with his bath and finished his breakfast quickly. He jumped around the whole house waiting excitedly for his dad.

Just as they were ready to leave, I decided to pull Venky’s leg. Venky always cries when we leave for office. That day, I was being left behind, so I did a Venky. I held him and asked him not to leave me and go. Venky said – “We’ll go and come back very quickly mommy.” This switch of roles had become interesting. I persisted – “Please Venky.. don’t go”. Venky did all the hugging and kissing he could do and kept assuring me that he’ll come back soon.

Finally his dad called him to go. As Venky took unsure steps toward the car, I pretended to cry. Venky looked at his dad for help – “Mommy is crying.”

Dad asked – “So, what should we do now?”

After a pause Venky said – “I’ll not go.”

Dad – “Should I go alone?”

Venky – “Yes. Come back quickly.”

I cannot imagine the amount of self restraint it would have taken him to say that. A 2 yr old gave up something he wanted to do so much because I was crying. I felt so humbled and was ready to cry for real now. But I smiled and said it was okey for him to go.

Venky ran off happily with is dad and had a blast in the office, but as soon as Vibhu reminded him that I was alone at home waiting for him, he was ready to return. And ofcourse he did not forget to check on me once he was back home. šŸ™‚

My son, if you retain half the will power you have right now, you’ll grow up to be a fine man.

Author: MoRS

Memoirs of my mommyhood

10 thoughts on “What does it take to love …

  1. Ohh so sweet..I must have taken a lot out of Venky to say he wont go..God Bless the little guy.

  2. Hi Trishna, Thanks for dropping by. You know, I have left Venky at home quite a few times to have a quiet meal at a restaurant, but Venky gave up what he badly wanted to do so easily. I was really ashamed of myself.

  3. very sweet indeed šŸ™‚
    everyday we learn so much from our babies…that can put us to shame šŸ˜¦

    well, anyways a mommy blogger from hyderabad….first timer on ur blog…found u on indi blogger…

    dropped into say hello

  4. Miss M – :).

    Bubbles Mom – Hello there. I am glad you dropped by. I agree that babies can put us to shame. They teach us how to love without letting our egos come in between. That's probably they don't have one yet. That is why their love is so pure.

  5. The kids are so innocent that one feels evil playing tricks on them.

    Also sometimes, you know how you get so angry with them and yet they forget everything and come to you right away.

  6. Yes Sarikh, I really felt so evil. And thank god, they come to us right away and make us feel so good.

  7. hello suvi,
    very nice of u to drop by and say hello back šŸ™‚
    btw, i seem to have jinxed my babies's sleep pattern by talking abt it šŸ˜‰
    he hasnt slept at all today….lol!

    btw, wondering how u chose the name venky for ur son…care to do a post on it šŸ˜‰ ?

  8. That was absolutely adorable on the part of your little one! Such a terrific post.

  9. Hi Shail, Thanks for dropping by and dropping a comment.

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