My little rock stars

Memoirs of my mommyhood


Supermom – Who, me?

Well, I definately felt like one.

Vibhu was abroad for two weeks and for once, I had Venky all by myself. No parents, no ILs. Venky had been going to the pre schools for 2 weeks and was not fully settled.

Needless to say, life was on the run. This was my schedule
6.30 am – Wake up. Get ready. You have exactly 30 minutes to yourself
7.00 am – Gently start waking Venky up. DON’T get him in a fowl mood.
8.00 am – Brush and bath done (hopefully). Start his breakfast session (depending on his mood, this can take from 15 mins to 1 hour)
8.45 am – Start for school (dump the unfinished breakfast)
9.00 am – Drop Venky at the school and proceed for office

11.15 am – Drop what you are doing in office and start for Venky’s school.
11.30 am – Pick up Venky. He wants to go home by auto rickshaw, but I have a car. Pacify him for 5-1o mins to get into the car.
11.xx am – Reach home. Venky doesn’t want to go home now. Spend another 5-10 mins to take him out of the car. Then try to leave for office while he clings to me and the maid tries to pacify him.

5 pm – Hit the Gym! Yes, I didn’t drop it! Am so proud of my self. 🙂
6 pm – At home. Take Venky to the park. Play football with him (he has an amazing kick for his age, I think I should relocate to europe so that he can build a career out of it)
8 pm – Start the dinner session. Can take upto 1 hour again.
9 pm – On bed. Story telling .. and dozing off around 10 pm

Vibhu is now back and is thoroughly impressed with me. So are his parents. It definately feels like an achievement and I soo want to congratulate myself. But then I read Sarikh’s posts and well…. the halo vanishes. After all, I have just one kid AND a domestic help.

Sigh! I have a long way to go! 😦


The moment of truth

Venky and I are putting away the Lego pieces back in its box. Once its done, I pick up the box to keep it at its designated place. Venky shows concern

Venky – “Bhaari hai kya?” (Is it heavy?)

I – “Yes”

Venky – “Mommy nahi utha pa rahi hai?” (Mom is not able to lift it up?)

I (a little amused) – “Yes”

Venky – “Mommy buddhi ho gayi hai?” (Mom has grown old?)

I – “!#$%^&”


ETA – I was wondering how a 2 yr old managed to make that deduction. Apparently, his grandmom has taught him this logic. 🙂


My first tag (a stolen one)

Nobody tagged me, I picked this up from PS cause I really wanted to do this tag. Sigh! I am an obsessed mother after all. So, here are 5 reasons why I love being a mom

1. When I come back from work, Venky is so excited to see me. He runs to me and hugs me tight. I don’t think I can remember anybody else being so happy to see me ever. With Venky, it is everyday!

2. Motherhood has made me an emotional and sensitive person. People who know me from my “young” days remember me as an unemotional, pragmatic, self centered person. I have cried more number of times after becoming a mother than I did ever before.

3. Life is never boring now. There is always something to do, to take care of. With Venky around we are never short on laughs – he keeps doing / saying these adorable, cute, funny things all the time

4.On weekends, Venky wakes up first. I get to open my eyes to his soft sound and smiling face. He crawls into my arms and blissfully sucks his thumb for sometime. Oh, I love lazing on a weekend morning with a cuddly baby. It just makes the whole weekend perfect

5. I have made a new circle of friends. I was (am) such an introvert and asocial person. I really find it hard to make conversations to unknown people. With Venky’s arrival, my social circle has exploded. Now I easily talk to other parents and get invited to their kids’ birthdays.

Damn! 5 points are over already. But you know, I could go on and on and on…. 🙂