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Pre school – Day 1


I was nervous like hell. It was like going for a maths exam (Okey, not maths because I was good at it, but lets say… sanskrit exam or whichever subject you feared the most).
Challenge # 1 – Getting Venky (and ourselves) ready on time. I had to make sure that we get up at 7am to ensure that Venky reaches school by 9 am. That is quite a bit of an effort for one who not seen the 7 am sky for lets say.. a decade? Needless to say, I slept badly because of the tension. And woke up at 6 am. Tossed and turned till 7 am and then finally got up.

While I got ready, Vibhu handled waking up Venky. Venky wanted to sleep more and was terribly upset with Vibhu for forcing him out of the bed. His dada, dadi came to the rescue. By the time I dressed up he was in a good mood ( he was told that he will go to “school” and that excited him – isn’t that a blessing!). So brush, shower and breakfast later (which went fairly smoothly and on schedule), the whole family was ready by 8.30 to take him to the school. Yeah, 4 adults (Vibhu, MIL, FIL & me) were to drop him to the school. I remember getting such a grand see off when I first went to the US. From the next time on, I called the cab. Sorry, I am digressing. So, we ALL got ready and left for Venky’s school well in time.

Challenge # 2 – Waving goodbye. No matter how much we prepare Venky for our departure to the office, he always does a flip flop at the last moment. Although Venky’s grandparents were to accompany him, I was wary about his reaction on seeing us leave. I tried to prep him by talking to him about it on our way to his school.. and lo, we were there! Venky hopped off excited (his 3 pre school visits had made him somewhat comfortable with its enviornment), and headed straight for the “jhoola”. Dada, dadi followed him. We called him and waved bye. Yeah, today’s child psychology – “inform” the child of your departure. I guess this days parents are the one who are made to follow the rules! I almost thought Venky’ll will come back running and crying. But lo and behold, he waved goodbye. Traitor! Girgit! Dal Badloo! “Jaldi aana”, he said. Hmmm.. okey, that’ll unbreak my heart.

Challenge # 3 – Stay in school for 1.5 hours. Now, we were in office and Venky was in the school along with his grandparents. Grandparents were supposed to stay out of sight as long as possible and the teacher was supposed to handle him. At 9.15 am Vibhu pinged me on IM.

V [9:15 AM]:
my phone is in the car
call papa once

SS [9:15 AM]:
arre rahne do na
itni jaldi kyon call karna hai?

V [9:16 AM]:
to find out if they are watching him on CCTV

SS[9:16 AM]:
we’ll call at 10.30
tum toh Venky se jayada pareshan ho
its ok. Let them be
we’ll call at 10.30 and then find out
V [9:16 AM]:

Dads these days I tell you! They’ve started behaving like mothers. And they’ve confused the moms which way to behave! So, I got back to work and then I got another IM at 10.38 am

V [10:38 AM]:
did you check?
SS [10:38 AM]:
V [10:38 AM]:
on Venky?

I called my FIL now and found out how Venky behaved. Ofcourse I reported it back to Vibhu immideately. I wanted him to concentrate on work and not get fired during this recession. So,
this is how it went…
SS [10:45 AM]:
it went off very well
other kids were crying
he was not

V [10:46 AM]:

SS [10:46 AM]:
mostly he was on his own
he asked for his tiffin and ate

V [10:46 AM]:
they did not call papa(my FIL)?

SS [10:46 AM]:
all parents were just around
so they (my parents in law) were sitting in the office
but Venky came to them only once
and then kept himself busy
thoda classroom ke andar
and thoda bahar

V[10:47 AM]:

SS [10:47 AM]:
some kids were just not leaving their parents
V [10:47 AM]:
SS [10:48 AM]:
I talked to him (Venky)
he said ki maza aaya
and he is ready to go tomorrow again
so far so good 🙂
V [10:48 AM]:

SS [10:49 AM]:
I told you ki my son is a rock star 🙂
V [10:49 AM]:
hee hee
SS [10:49 AM]:
but you are one worried parent :p

V [10:49 AM]:
ok ok :p

SS[10:49 AM]:
chalo bye obsessed daddy
think about work now :p

Hence proved – Venky is a rock star, Vibhu is an obessed dad and I am a happy mom!

Author: MoRS

Memoirs of my mommyhood

2 thoughts on “Pre school – Day 1

  1. rofl at your convo with your dh.
    Its nice to see dads stressing out once in a while. It always the moms na who get so worked up?

  2. @Asaaan – :)Yes, we get worked up about kids eating right, sleeping right, wearing right …etc etc while the dads just relax. Glad when they take the tension over sometimes 🙂

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