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10 Seconds of paradise

It lasted only 10 seconds, but it will easily classify as the most wonderful moment of my life. Vibhu had taken off since he was not too well and stayed home with Venky. I came home at little later than usual and was informed by the nanny that both father and son were oversleeping their afternoon nap. I tried to quitely tiptoe into their room, but Venky woke up. He took a huge ‘angdayee’, flashed his widest smile and threw his arms wide open. As I went into his little arms, he kissed me and said “I love you”. Such a dream come true! Now I know why everyone has kids! I just wanted to hold him and stay like that, but Venky was soon restless and wriggled out of my hold.

I was smiling all through the evening. Vibhu was having a tough time handling his envy. “This is not fair”, he kept saying, “I was the one who stayed home with him”.

As goes the old adage… Everything is fair in love and war 🙂

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Bihar Calls

We recently visited Didi in Delhi. That was quite a bit of culture change for Venky. For one, eveybody could understand what he speaks (his prime language of communication is Hindi). Plus a whole bunch of cousin sisters doted on him and gave him so much of attention. Venky was totally loving it. Till his sisters decided to take him to the apartment’s park.

Venky found a slide and captured it. After a few minutes of play on the slide, he had company. Another kid who was twice his size and age and twice as fast joined him. Even before Venky could complete one trip, he finished two trips for the slide. Venky’s ego was hurt and he decided that he could definately not let him do a 3rd round before him.

So, he pushed him (before we could react) and said “Mujhe jana hai!”. The kid’s nanny held him back and let Venky complete his round. But now, Venky was not ready to relent at all. He just wouldn’t let that kid use the slide and was constantly trying to push him. After a while, the older kid stopped pretending to be mature and pushed him back.

That was quite a fall, and we thought that Venky will be wailing. But even before we picked him up, Venky was on his feet and pushed the older kid again. All this, without a frown on his face. Now, all the elders intervened and separated the kids. The older kid’s nanny took him to another swing which he got interested into and we took Venky to the nearby temple.

Well, Vibhu was proud of his son’s bravery (the fact that he took on an older kid and wasn’t scared of him) and couldn’t help hiding his joy. He was thrilled at the fact that his son was a true blue “Bihari” and not a “Murgi”. I have to confess that I was grinning too 😀