My little rock stars

Memoirs of my mommyhood

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Conversations with a 21 old

Venky – “mommy”
I – “Yes…”

Venky – “MOMMY”
I – “Yes Venky”

Venky – “MOMMEEE”
I – “Yes Sweetheart”

Venky – “I Lob you”



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Outsmarted by 21 mo old

Venky and I are reading a picture book.

I – “Yeh kya hai?”
Venky – “Butterfly”
I – “Yeh kya hai?”
Venky – “Dragon Fly”

Now we reach the “Beetle” page which Venky has never remembered so far

I – “Yeh kya hai?”
Venky – “Uhmmmm ….Book!” 😀