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The goodbyes are back

Even since the separation anxiety struck (almost an year now), Venky hated us leave for office. As he grew older it was got more difficult to distract him. For the past couple of months, he would not let us out of his sight once we left the bed. Even after his nanny managed to pacify him into some play, he would immideately know when our car unlocked. Many times, I had to leave him wailing to the office.

Over the last week I noticed, he did not seem as anxious in the mornings. He did not run behind me when I got up to leave. In fact most of the times, he would be busy in his play as I quietly slipped out.

And today, there was a miracle. Venky figured that I was leaving for office. He said – “Teen Chocote lana, Banana lana, Apple lana” (Get me 3 choclates, banana and apple). Then he waved bye! As I reversed the car, he kept waving bye and even crouched to get a better view of me as I waved back. All this, with a smile on his face!

Needless to say, I grinned all the way to office:)


Terrible Two at One and a half.

1. Vibhu comes home from office. Venky runs to him and throws himself in Vibhu’s hands. And before Vibhu can realize, Venky pulls his glass and throws it on the ground (Thanks to the plastic lenses they are still surviving ater 50 such falls)

2. Venky aims all his balls at our TV screen

3. Venky always throws our cell phones such that they open up in 3 or more pieces (he has a toy cell phone which is a great imitation of the real one but never throws that)

4. Venky says – “X” Chahiye. (X is more often chocolate). I say – No. Venky falls flat on ground. Bangs his fist followed by his head. He throws everything that he can lay his hands on.

5. If I raise my voice at him by x decibel, Venky starts crying with 10x decibels and then I have to spend half an hour to pamper him back into the mood.

6. Venky picks up all the drying clothes from the clothes line and puts them into the flower bed.

7. Whenever Venky spots an open bathroom, he goes in and opens the tap. While I am closing that tap, he runs to the other bathroom and opens the tap there.

8. Venky pushes his toy bucket such that it falls and all the toys are scattered on the floor. Then he goes off to ride his bike

9. Venky pulls out bed sheets as soon as I tuck them in

10. Venky’s favorite TV programme is “Air Crash Investigations” and his bed time story is “Aeroplane toot gaya – sea mein gir gaya” ( BTW, I am the one who is on the aeroplane in that story).

Phew!!! I want to excahnge. Anyone?