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What’s in a name

Yesterday while we were trying to put Venky to sleep, our discussions wavered towards names and their meanings. Vibhu started telling me how some names can have more than one meaning and he used “Venkatesh” as an example. Vibhu said that if we break the word, it comes out to be Venkat & ish – this could mean Venkat’s God OR God Venkat. While giving this expalanation, he said “Venkatesh” quite a few times. Everytime Venkatesh (our Venky) responded with some sound. So, the next time we tried to hear what he was saying properly. It turned out that everytime Vibhu said “Venkatesh”, Venky said “Cha -da -lee” i.e. “Choudhary”. Thereby, completing his name :).

Well, there can be no better explanation, isn’t it? We never taught him that. We racked our brains to figure out how he learnt that, but we have no clue. Good news is that Venky now knows his full name and can say it 🙂