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Learning the language

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Venky now has almost 200 words in his vocabulary. He is building is up from sheer observation. He definately know the names of stuff that he wants. Some of the more interesting ones are

1. Anda – egg. That’s exactly what he wants for breakfast in morning. In fact you can hear the repeated chant of “anda, anda, ANDA….”. Sometimes we’ve have had to give him a half boiled egg since he would not wait for it to boil completely.

2. Gana – song. As soon as Venky gets into the car for a ride, he points to the stereo and says “gana”. I don’t know where that trait comes from, since both I and my husband are not music lovers. As a result, we don’t have any music CDs in our car. So we have to put on the radio. If you’ve been in Hyderabad, you’ll know that all radio stations play Telugu songs during any decent hours. With no offence meant to Tollywood, while we don’t understand the lyrics, even the music beat is a little tough to tolerate. Thankfully, there are no visuals in radio – at least we are saved from watching the latka, jhatkas of 90Kg heros and 80Kg heroines.

3. Baby – All soft toys are his babies. Since he is the only baby in the house, I don’t know how he relates to them :). Venky pats them to sleep exactly like we do to him 🙂

Venky knows that there can be more than one word for the same thing/action. He brings his book and says “book” when he looks at me and “kitaab” when he looks at my maid. He also translates “dog” for them – “kutta”. A couple of days ago – the little telugu girl asked me as to how he knows Telugu. I told her that Venky doesn’t know Telugu. At that very moment he told her “kucho” and then looked at me and said “baitho’ – sit.

Venky knows who is Tejoo (2 yr old boy, our next door neighbour), Kiya (1 yr old girl a couple of houses down and his “meal-mate”), Dada, dadi, Annama(grandmom – next door Telugu Aunty) etc. But ask him where’s mommy and he points to his Dad. He interchangably uses mommmy and papa to address both of us whenever he wants. And people told me that the first thing a child learns is who is his mom! God help this generation!

Author: MoRS

Memoirs of my mommyhood

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