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The power of words


Venky is learning the power of words … and we are learning it with him. Gone are the days when he could only cry and sulk. Gone are the days when we would only guess and ignore. Now, Venky makes himself clear. Single word, no nonsense, to the point.
Here’s an example.
Venky used to cling to me just before I left to office. He would cry hard to see me go. And I have to let you know that it felt really flattering. It convinced me that my child loved me with his whole heart and wanted my attention 24*7.
A few days back, Venky clung to me as his usual routine, and while I was strategizing on how to take leave, he came out loud and clear “GHOOMI” ie. take me out! Aaah.. so this is what he wants.
Okey, I gave him a ride. As the car stopped, he smiled at me and said “Bye” and got off without any tears.
Hmmph! It was love for “Ghoomi” that I mistook as love for “Mommy”.

And yes, I have to give him a ride everyday now before I can ride to office.

Author: MoRS

Memoirs of my mommyhood

2 thoughts on “The power of words

  1. heh heh heh,Clever little Venky 🙂

  2. Hi PS, thanks for dropping by. Venky is definately clever about getting his way 🙂

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