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Memoirs of my mommyhood

The first Roll

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The doc has been asking us since the last two visits ..
Does Venkatesh roll over?
Noooo… not yet.
Does he try to?

And so have been all our relatives and friends.
Venky must be rolling over now?

With Venky not showing any signs of trying to roll over, I was convinced that he is going to sit before he rolls over.

Finally I joined office part time on 1st September. This way I could take a break from all the diaper changing and still not miss my baby’s development. Husband dear has offered to babysit during the time Iam in office

So, I got a phone call today from Vibhu. With Venky crying in the background, I thought he probably wants to know where to find diapers/changing clothes etc. But Lo! He says,
Our son has taken his first roll today. I put him back straight and he got upset 😀

I was sooo.. happy (and relieved, we won’t have to say those Nooo..s anymore). And sooo.. jealous. I get away for just 4 hours and he takes his first roll. I missed it 😦

Once I got home, Venky treated me with another couple of rolls. My god! my baby mastered the technique in a day!!! 😀

Author: MoRS

Memoirs of my mommyhood

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