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Memoirs of my mommyhood


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Ever since I put him on his car seat, Venky has preferred sitting to lying. He refused to take his pram ride lying, he even refused our laps. In fact it was easier to put him to sleep rocking his car seat than any other postion.

I always knew Venky is going to sit early. In fact I had thought he was going to sit before he was going to roll over (which happened only 20 days ago).

Since last week, I started encouraging Venky to sit on his own. He would sit for a second and go “dhum”. Tonight when we repeated the excercise, I realized that Venky was sitting a second longer than a second… and then another second … and then another.. By the time Venky fell “dhum” on his side it was good 15 seconds and Vibhu said – ” I think you can put it into the journal enty now”. šŸ™‚

Author: MoRS

Memoirs of my mommyhood

One thought on “Sitting!

  1. Bhaiya na.. too much karta hai.. what does he mean ” now go and enter in your journel”.. the next time i meet him i will fight with him..

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