My little rock stars

Memoirs of my mommyhood

Between 5 and 15 months

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Yes, I stopped writing on Venky’s journal @ 5 months. Why? Well.. here are the reasons in the order of severity.
1. I got lazy – Yeah! I did 😦 I started work and really didn’t want to touch the laptop after that.
2. Accessing that baby journal was a pain – Yes some 5 click process
3. Couldn’t share my writings – The journal had very restrictive access policy. C’mon… If I write , I want people to read it!

…And in the meantime my baby grew into a toddler. He started walking, running, driving the toy bike, taking simple instructions and conveying simple things… And I never wrote them down. I let many precious moments slip away from my memory.

But not anymore… this Blog is where I’ll put them down. So all you folks in blogville .. welcome to a mommy’s world

Author: MoRS

Memoirs of my mommyhood

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