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And the attention hogger!

You guessed it right. It is our miss T.

Venky needs to collect points for something. He tells his dad

“Papa ask me a 2 pointer question.”

Before Vibhu can come up with a math puzzle for Venky, Tunmun pipes in

“Papa ask me color questions!”

Vibhu gives a decently complex math question to Venky. Venky starts solving by speaking out loud,

“Thirty two plus Fifty…”

” Two tens are Twenty, three tens are thirty, four tens are forty…”. Miss T starts reciting on the top of her voice.

A few days back, Venky was telling us about what is going on with his school while we were having dinner. He told us that they were learning about land forms. More specifically, about the deserts of the world. We questioned him around it.

“Sahara desert is the largest and it is in Africa”. Venky informed us.

“What’s the coldest desert?” I asked

“Gobi in China”

“Wow” Vibhu and I said together. We were clearly impressed.

Tunmun had already started making noises in the background.

“I know… I know…”

“What ,Tunmun?”

“I know of ice cream dessert. It is in Mc Donalds!!!” :)

And thus, my darling T ruled again!


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Anything to get Venky’s attention

Venky is our typical 7 year old boy. He is playing from dawn to dusk. On weekdays and weekends. He is barely seen in the house. He has to be dragged back home from the community park for his meals. He comes, gobbles his food and wooosh!, he’s gone again.

Last Saturday, he was dragged back home during afternoon. He reluctantly sat on the bed reading while our daughter played with us and told us her myriad stories.

I have already reached a point where I need more attention from Venky than he needs from me.




“Hmm…” Venky continues to focus on his book.

“Do you know…”


“Your parents exist in this world.”

Venky looks at me with questioning eyes.

“You know that, right?”

Venky nods.

“Then it might make sense to spend some time with them?”

“WHAT! Mommy!! You scared me! I thought you were telling me I was adopted!!”

And that is how I finally had Venky’s attention. :)

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Science and Philosophy

Bed Time. Time for conversations. Time for deep thinking. Tunmun has slept off after hearing her stories. Venky and I continue to discuss deep sea creatures, computers, planets, stars and possibility of aliens.

“Mommy, do you think there is life outside of earth?”

“Yes. I think so.”

“I doubt it…”

“I am quite certain.” I say.


“Because, the universe is so huge. There are more number of planets and stars than the number of sand particles on the earth.”

“Can you prove it?”

“Uh… no, but the probability is really high.”

Venky is not convinced.

“I don’t think so. Many people believe that there are no aliens.”

“But I believe there are.” I insist.

“Alright mommy. It’s all perspective!”

Thus my seven-going-on-seventy year old ended the conversation. He just agreed to disagree and dozed off. Tonight, we may debate the possibility of time travel.


My little daughter @ 4

I am driving the car. Tunmun and her dadi are behind me. I try to use the time to quiz her.

“Tunmun, what is the first letter of CAR?”

“K…k…, it is C!”

“Correct! What is the first letter of ROAD?”

“Ro.. ro…Uh!”

“Yes, you are in the right direction. What is it?”

“Yeh mushkil hi nahi, namumkin hai!!!”

That’s my girl who turned four on 23rd May. The one who has an answer to everything. An answer that will render you speechless.

My darling little girl has brought color to our home. Literally. And that color is pink. So pink was the color of her birthday balloons, birthday cake, her outfit, my outfit and even her dad’s and brother’s outfit who enthusiastically participated in the color fiesta. Her birthday had 3 more barbies added to the collection. She has added soft toys and dolls to the sword and guns of our house.

Tunmun is the fashionista. She cooperated quietly in getting dressed up for her birthday for full half an hour. That’s an achievement for a kid of this age. She insists on choosing her clothes for the day. She also chooses the hairstyle of the day. She wants kaale, ghane, sundar baal. I have cunningly told her that getting hair oiled frequently and keeping them plaited will result in long, flowing hair (showing the model on the oil bottle).

Tunmun displays her affection generously. With hugs and kisses. With words like “Mamma you are so nice…”  With cuddles before and after bedtime.

But do not mistake my “girlie” girl for “homely” :) She’s headstrong and unrelenting. She’s not afraid of my threats. It’s a challenge to make her do something against her wish. A challenge that I end up losing most of the times – especially when she has two knights in shining armors at home. She’s a naughty little girl with spring in her feet.

My daughter, she is the sunshine that lights our home and warm our hearts.

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Vibhu had a BYOC (Bring your child to work) day at office. Both the kids had a blast and came back with goodies. Today, in the morning she was playing with the colors that they received from there. Vibhu announced,

“Now, both of you have the same things. So, you do not need to fight!”

“The other one is mine!” Tunmun announced back.

“Then why are you playing with this one?” asked Vibhu.

“Because Bhaiya is a sharing boy!” said Tunmun with a shrug and got back to coloring.

Beat that!

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The new literate

Like I’ve said before, I take it easy with Tunmun. Let her play more. Indulge her with hair accessories and nail polish. This list also includes not reading to her regularly and not paying too much attention to her academics.

Tunmun completed her first year in school a month ago. She was the youngest in her class. For the records, her expected birth date was in first week of June but Vibhu desperately wanted the delivery in May so that we could meet the 1st June cut off date for school admissions.

So, she did arrive early on May 23rd and ended up being youngest in her class. With most of the kids being a good 6 months older than her, there was a marked difference in their abilities as three, four year olds.

Tunmun settled and did fine in her school. She caught up in most of the things. However, the Tiger mom in me noticed that she was a little behind ( as compared to what Venky was at her age ).

So, come summer vacation I focussed more on her. Reading more often and making her read with me. Teaching numbers. She surprised us by how quickly she caught up on everything. She is now able to read the Level1 book ( Little Red Hen) and is able to recognize words! Yesterday, we included her in our game of scrabble and she again surprised us by being able to spell a lot of three lettered words!

That’s our Miss T. The new literate coming on the block. Mr. Dad is going fully gaga over his beauty with brains and I am claiming all the credit. :) 


My Birthday Boy

Annnnd… Venky is seven!!! Just like that. In a blink of my eye.

So, what’s new with my boy this year? I’ll have to think hard because I really did just bat my eyelid and he turned seven from six!

Ok, now I have read the last birthday post and I can tell the difference. You have become a NERD this year. You have managed to add four encyclopedias to your bookshelf. Yup! The last one was a birthday gift today and to set the records straight – you chose it over other books in the book shop. While I am happy to have a geeky kid, they do have their side effects :)

You are responsible, sharing and simple. A “seedha bachcha” as they say.  You always give up your window seat for your sister on the school bus. You step up to console and pacify her when she’s been reprimanded by me. And yes, sibling rivalry remains unheard of in my home. I take all your niceness for granted dear son, till I get to interact with other kids of your age. When they throw tantrum over having a toy or demand their parent’s attention over their sibling. That is the time when I appreciate the gem you are. That feeling lasts a total of full five minutes :p

Then I see you running. Running all over. Because sitting is sin for you. And your sister running after or before you. Then you get yelled at because I get worried about Tunmun falling down. You sit for full five minutes and then you are back to running again.  Mr high energy is still difficult to be sat down. Unless the offer is a tab, cartoon or book.

You are adventurous. You love outdoors, water and rides. But you are sensible enough to follow the rules laid down by us. You have become totally self-reliant and we are hands free parents as far as your are concerned. You are also extremely understanding and adjusting. You understand the value of money and can be talked out of ‘expensive’ things. You understand that your sister is younger and usually give up things for/ to her. You understand when your father is in US and not present for your birthday. You understand when your mother reschedules the Rio2 show she promised on your birthday to some other day because of show’s new timing conflicting with her office timing.

Dear Venky, I have already started feeling that my time with you is running out fast. On one hand I love this mature big kid of mine, on the other I don’t want you to grow up anymore. That said, my life is beautiful this very moment because of you. I guess I must have done something really good to deserve a child like you.

Before I bat my eyelid again, let me wish you a very happy birthday. Stay the way you are. Simple, smart and energetic.

Love you.



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