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I love summer vacation

Today is the last day of Venky’s school. Tunmun’s last day is already over. Hence I get to laze in the bed with her while Vibhu gets Venky ready for school :) I really was looking forward to summer vacations!! No more early mornings. Yayyy!

After Venky is sent off to school, we go about our morning chores, getting ready for office. Tunmun plays with her Lego blocks in the living room. Vibhu tells me,

“You know, I asked Venky, what will you do at home starting tomorrow..”


“He said, I’ll take care of Tunmun, what else!”

We laugh. Tunmun looks up. She has caught a bit of our conversation.

“Yes! We have to take care, because it is expensive!” She chimes in.

Yes, of course, my priceless chatterbox!

We laugh yet again.

Aaah… What’s better than starting a day with a  lazy wake up and lots of laughter :) Did I say that I love summer vacations?


Padhaku Bachche ke side effects

Lights out at 8.15 pm. Next 15 – 20 minutes is the time when the kids talk about whatever is on their mind before they drift off to sleep. Yesterday, the conversation flowed like this,

“Papa, Men have sperms and Women have eggs.”

“Who told you!?”

“Sperms cannot live in the air.”

“Who told you!!?”

“When the sperm meets the egg, baby is made.”

“Who told you !!!?”

Tunmun starts to speak something and I shoo her down. I am curious about how much Venky knows. I am more curious about what Vibhu is going to answer. Silently, I am thankful that Vibhu is on the firing line.

“Actually, when it meets a tiny thing is formed first. It’s called .. emb.. emb..”


“Yes, embryo. That grows into a baby.”


“I read it in my encyclopedia Papa.”


“So, the sperm is in the man and egg in the woman. How do they meet?”

“Uh… there are techniques….”

Tunmun decides at that point that she has had enough of being sidelined. She interrupts her father and he readily switches his attention to her. Venky gets distracted too. As Tunmun blabbers her own story, Vibhu looks at me and says,

F1. F1.”

Dear netizens, please F1. I am looking for appropriate answers to give to a 7 year old. Also, if you see your child with his/her nose into a science encyclopedia, well.. better be prepared for the “birds and bees” questions coming your way.

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Twenty Questions

Venky, tired after a whole day’s play which included a swimming session slept off early.

Tunmun had slept for three hours in the afternoon and was at her chirpy best even after the lights out.

“Mamma, Papa there was that orange color thing that we ate in Australia, I want to eat it again.”

“What orange color thing?”

“It was orange in color, it had light curve and a tail.”

“Peaches, plums?”

“No, no. It had light curve and a tail.” Tunmun made a curve in the air to explain.

“Cherries?” I said making a wild guess and assuming she is not explaining herself too well

“Cherries are black in color Mamma!”

Vibhu and I racked our brains. She was probably imagining something or confusing Australia for some other place

“Tunmun, what was it? Fruit or vegetable?”

“It was junk food. But not so junk, like vegetable.”

“Some kind of ice cream?”

“Ha ha ha Mamma. I said we ate it in Australia, not in Mc Donalds!”

“What did it taste like, sweet, sour?”

“Sweet, but not sooo sweet!”

Now Vibhu and I started taking random guesses


“Nooo.. orange color!”


“Orange color Mamma, not orange!”

“I have no clue.” said Vibhu

“Me too!.”

“Tunmun tell us more, did we buy it in a shop or did we cook it at home?” asked Vibhu

“We bought it and then Mamma cooked it at home.”

Suddenly it dawned on me



“Prawns, you like prawns???”

“Yes Mamma. It was very tasty.”

We realized she had explained it perfectly

“Orange, light curve with a tail!”

But we had taken so long to guess! :)

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Tunmunisms # 3

Tunmun makes a painting and brings it to her dad

“Papa, is this painting beautiful ?”

“Yes, but you are more beautiful!” says the obsessed dad.

“I know that papa!”


Tunmun hates hair washing sessions. The whole colony can hear her howls as soon as the water touches her hair. Off late, she is becoming better though. With the right amount of preparation, most of the hair can be washed off without tears.

Yesterday, a sunday was head bath time. I started preparing her one day in advance. With a lot of prep talk about taking good care of hair, she being a big girl now and that only babies cry during bath etc.

So, the wash went off smoothly. When Tunmun went downstairs with her frock and hair flowing fresh after the bath, her Dadi teased,

“Tunmun, did you cry while taking bath?”

Tunmun took offence, scowled and shot back,

“Did you hear anything?”

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Birthday Party

Birthday celebrations follow a sine curve I think.

As kids we cannot wait to have our birthdays. The cake, balloons, gifts … the excitement continues to grow birthday after birthday. It peaks during our college days. Then as we grow older, we like our birthdays quieter and the celebrations small. Before we know it, the work and the life take over. The birthday starts becoming yet-another-day with some extra phone calls.

And then one of those birthdays come. When you wake up groggy and you find your soon-to-be-seven son shoving a yellow paper under your nose.

“Here is your treasure map.”

“What treasure map?” You are totally confused.

“Map that will lead you to clues that will lead you to your birthday gift. You have to EARN it!”

People, think twice before being smart with your kids!

You try to desperately find the gift even before you try to find your brush. You seek your daughter’s help and yeah, she finds the first clue for you. Then you hunt around for the 2nd clue and then the 3rd which finally takes you to the card hidden under layers of clothes.

People, think twice before hiding candies from your kids in your wardrobe.

You find the cutest “We love you” birthday card made by the son. The daughter hurries over to get the flower she has drawn on a paper and gives it to you jumping with excitement.

And then you start looking forward to your birthdays again. Yes folks, the sine curve has started heading upward again.

Friends and family called and one of them surprised me by getting over a cake in the evening. Venky and Tunmun got their friends over to have my cake cut.

“Can we do the same things to mommy that we do to our friends on their birthday?” Venky clarified with his dad.

“Oh, feel free!” Said the spouse with an evil grin.

Before I knew it, I had a facial!

All in all, a birthday to remember. Also, a good time to revive this blog. Especially when a friend calls up to wish from half way across the globe, chats for 40 minutes and lets you know that she follows your blog. I guess there is no sine curve in some friendships :)


I get a great new job offer. Vibhu teases me

“Now that you’ll become high flying and big people, will you forget me ?”

He continues pulling my leg for some time. Venky is our audience. Vibhu tries to include Venky in pestering me.

“Venky, what will you do if your mommy feels I am not good enough for her anymore and leaves me?”

Venky gives a bored, uninterested look and says

“Hawan karenge, hawan karenge, hawan karenge.”

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Life’s Good!

“Venky, how’s life?”

“It’s great. I got my new gun. I lost three of it’s five bullets. Then I found them all. What more can I ask for?”

That is all a 6 year old boy needs from life. A nerf gun and it’s five bulllets.

Venky did add as an afterthought,

“Also, everybody loves me.”



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