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When Venky gets invited to a birthday party, he is a stickler for time. He wants to get to the party as soon as he can. As a result, he often ends up being the first guest. A couple of times, we have also arrived the venue before the hosts have.

Today, the kids got invited to a birthday within the colony. The invite card said 4pm – 6pm. Venky as usual insisted on going to the party at 4 pm.

“You will go at 4.30 pm.” I declared.

“Why? The party starts at 4.”

“Because no one arrives so soon. Sometimes the hosts are also not ready.”

“But the card says 4 pm.”

“But this is India. No one comes at the given time. The hosts also mean 4.30 when they say 4.”

“How do you know they mean 4.30?”

“Venky, you are always the first guest. Remember the last party? You arrived before the hosts!”

“But they arrived within the next 5 minutes!”

“Venky, you will go at 4.30. That is it!” I was getting frustrated with the argument.

“That is not fair mommy!”

“Venky, No one will come at four!”

“Alright, then I will go as soon as I see other kids going!”

“Alright, do one thing. Get ready at 4 and stand with your gift in the balcony. As soon as you see the first child going, RUN!” I was thoroughly irritated.

“You only say that we should be punctual and respect time!” Venky said in a small voice. He understood the sarcasm.

“Well, this is India. This is how it works, especially in Hyderabad!” I softened.

“Don’t you say that if no one does the right thing first, how will others follow and how will things change. Some one has to start!”

I was speechless. It was my word against mine! I accepted defeat. Venky went to the birthday party at 4.

For the record, this is the first time a holder of Y chromosome has out witted me ;). Thankfully it’s my son!

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Fashion Sense

I am a what you would call a ‘jhalli’. My favorite attire is jeans and T shirt. When I try to dress up, I start looking stupid. But not my daughter! She cannot wait to grow up because she knows that then she can do what she wants. So, most of our mall trips are spluttered with questions like,

“Mamma, can I have shoes like that girl when I grow up?”

I take a look. The shoe in question is invariably a high heeled one. I want to say “No way!”, but I bite my tongue.

“Of course sweetheart. But high heeled shoes are bad for health and legs.” I try to deter her.

“But I love them!”

I sigh and postpone worrying about it till she grows up.

“Mamma, can I have bags like these when I grow up?”

“Of course sweetheart!” Bags are harmless, except for the price tags they carry.

“Mamma, why don’t you have a bag?”

“Uh, because I like to be hands free.” I usually have a wallet in my jeans.

“Mamma, you have a boy’s purse. It is so funny. Hee hee.”

Then, there are negotiations on her hair. She wants to keep it open. I insist on tying them so that they do not keep falling into her eyes. There was an engagement ceremony in the family recently, and people pampered her with kajal, blusher etc. She was allowed to keep her hair loose through the day. The next day, she negotiated tough with me to keep her hair open but I put my foot down.

“Alright Mamma, but can you at least put kajal for me?”, asked Tunmun in a small voice.

I agreed and sealed the deal.

So here is my daughter, who recently enlightened me on how girls do “fashion”


And how boy’s do “fashion”


Then her brother tried to compete with her.




Did you know that Kakapos are nocturnal parrots that live in New Zealand? They are endangered species and only about 100 are left.

Did you know that an octopus has three hearts?

Did you know that the male sea horses get pregnant instead of females?

Did you know that the biggest anaconda is about 10 meters long? Anacondas take hours to digest their even small preys like possums.

Did you know that the basilisk lizard can walk on water? Literally, with two legs!

Did you know that if you cut a star fish’s limb, it can grow back? Sometimes two instead of one! Then it becomes a six sided star fish.

Did you know that jelly fish has no brains and no eyes? But boy, it survives!

Did you know that if you have a seven year old in your house, you get to know all of the above ?

Here’s the reason number 374646838 in favor of parenthood. You become smarter!!! :)


Chitter Chatter

Tunmun had to do a school project over the weekend. Venky and Vibhu helped her build a tree house model. Once it was done, bits of paper and twigs lay around our living room. I asked Tunmun and Venky to clean up.

“Cleaning up is a part of the project!”, I reprimanded.

“Why are you not asking Papa to clean up?” Venky protested.

“Because he already helped you make the tree house. Now the two of you should clean up!”

“Mommy, just because he is your husband, you cannot be partial to him. This is unfair!” :)

Well, so I had to offer to help them clean up. Miss Tunmun slyly wandered away leaving me and Venky to do the job. She came back with a packet of hair bands.

“Whose are these, Mamma?” She asked excitedly.

“Tunmun! I have asked you not to open my drawers so many times.”

“But whose are these?”

“They are mine! Now go and put them back!” I was very cross.

Tunmun stared at me for a while.

“It can be anybody’s Mamma. But if you want your baby to be happy then you should give it to her!”

Mamma forgot being cross! :)

Meanwhile, Venky was picking up the bits of paper and getting frustrated.

“Tunmun! I am wondering how to make you clean up!” Venky said.

“Easy! Give me a chocolate!” Pat came the reply.

Weekends spent at home are becoming more and more interesting!!!


Rainbow days

Tis’ monsoon. We go out on a drive on sunday afternoon. We, the parents in the front seat and the kids in the rear seat.

“Look, a rainbow!” Venky points out.

And there was indeed a rainbow! From the earth to the clouds.

“How is the rainbow made?” Asks the Tiger Dad, not letting go of the opportunity.

“I KNOW!!!” Yells our miss T before Venky has a chance to reply.

“How?” Asks the curious dad.

Have I birthed geniuses? While I wonder, pat comes the reply.

“Curve, curve, curve, curve, curve!!!” :)

Ain’t that absolutely right? :)

P.S – Oh yes! Venky gave the water droplet – refraction answer too!


And the attention hogger!

You guessed it right. It is our miss T.

Venky needs to collect points for something. He tells his dad

“Papa ask me a 2 pointer question.”

Before Vibhu can come up with a math puzzle for Venky, Tunmun pipes in

“Papa ask me color questions!”

Vibhu gives a decently complex math question to Venky. Venky starts solving by speaking out loud,

“Thirty two plus Fifty…”

” Two tens are Twenty, three tens are thirty, four tens are forty…”. Miss T starts reciting on the top of her voice.

A few days back, Venky was telling us about what is going on with his school while we were having dinner. He told us that they were learning about land forms. More specifically, about the deserts of the world. We questioned him around it.

“Sahara desert is the largest and it is in Africa”. Venky informed us.

“What’s the coldest desert?” I asked

“Gobi in China”

“Wow” Vibhu and I said together. We were clearly impressed.

Tunmun had already started making noises in the background.

“I know… I know…”

“What ,Tunmun?”

“I know of ice cream dessert. It is in Mc Donalds!!!” :)

And thus, my darling T ruled again!



Anything to get Venky’s attention

Venky is our typical 7 year old boy. He is playing from dawn to dusk. On weekdays and weekends. He is barely seen in the house. He has to be dragged back home from the community park for his meals. He comes, gobbles his food and wooosh!, he’s gone again.

Last Saturday, he was dragged back home during afternoon. He reluctantly sat on the bed reading while our daughter played with us and told us her myriad stories.

I have already reached a point where I need more attention from Venky than he needs from me.




“Hmm…” Venky continues to focus on his book.

“Do you know…”


“Your parents exist in this world.”

Venky looks at me with questioning eyes.

“You know that, right?”

Venky nods.

“Then it might make sense to spend some time with them?”

“WHAT! Mommy!! You scared me! I thought you were telling me I was adopted!!”

And that is how I finally had Venky’s attention. :)


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